Inspiration: Iris Apfel

I had no intention of posting today. But I just watched this utterly inspiring video with Iris Apfel and thought: “I have to share this!”

Her words are a well of inspiration. So, if you haven’t watched this video yet, do it. Watch it. It is absolutely worth your 4 minutes!


Small Business Branding Talk & Coffee


Hi NYC creatives! :) I was thinking about getting together for a coffee (*insert any drinks here*). A couple of hours, this weekend or the next, maybe.

What do you think? Here’s what I had in mind:


• Saturday 20th or 27th (let me know which is best for you)

• Between 2 and 4 PM at a Starbucks (Washington Square one has lots of space/tables!)

• To talk business, branding, entrepreneurial ins and outs. Anything, really!

I just want to get together with all types of creatives and talk about the best way to work on our brands. It’s not a workshop. It’s not a one-sided thing. But I’ll be happy to help as I can and share insights if you want. But the main goal is getting together to make friends and exchange ideas!

If you wanna talk, my Twitter: @jackieayrnyc


My Real Life and Internet Persona


If you know me for one year or more, you’ve noticed I change things around a lot. Way more than I should. I move the furniture in my house to a completely different layout at least 3 times a year. I change my blog design 3+ times a year. And I’ve changed my business name twice in two years.

Is this a good thing? Not really. But it isn’t a bad thing either. I strongly believe that if something is not reflecting you anymore, than it’s time for a change. When your business, your blog or your “internet self” are as close of a reflection of yourself as possible, it makes things easier and more exciting.

We all change and evolve. The fashion we liked two years ago, might not be the same we like now. Would you keep your blog full of laces and earth-toned palettes if you’re strongly feeling the new Scandinavian minimalist trend? I know I wouldn’t! So, to accommodate these inner changes, I change my “internet persona” as well. And that does not mean my personality is suddenly changing or I’m doing something shady. It only means I’m showing you (who only knows me through a screen) how my true self has been changing over time.

“It’s evolution, babe” (Pear Jam).


So I started using a checklist

business checklist

And it works! Incredibly, I have tried following checklists many times before, without success. I either couldn’t accomplish all things from my list or I would just altogether forget about it and do things randomly (and obviously not check on thing on the list).

So, this weekend, I have lots to do. I ended up launching my website way before time, so I could hop in the Fashion Gift Card Giveaway and didn’t get close to what I wanted with the new brand, the new website, the new products. I’ve been working hard one full month, but one messy month -with little organization and planning on things I do.

That’s it! I’m sitting back and writing the “keeps” and “goes” this weekend. And a checklist is in order, don’t you think!? If this is going to work, I need to make a checklist AND follow it. Do you do checklists (and follow them)?


A Round of News? Let’s Design!


hero header jackie ayr 2

I have realized that since I started to blog again, I didn’t update anyone on the big changes that are going on. Some cool stuff is here, to stay! I still have much to organize, develop and polish. But I have started the process and I’m beyond excited.

  • Firstly, I’m finally accepting new clients! So, need a new design? Some branding consultation? Creative coaching? Let’s talk!
  • The blog will now focus more on lifestyle, photography and featuring branding/design work
  • The newsletter will cover the hole for the branding and business insights! Fun and short weekly emails -sign up!
  • The Etsy shop is loaded with Blogger themes and WP themes will be upload by the weekend
  • Branding Workshops are being planned. And a new blog series for creatives is also on the making!

There tons of new things, really. But one of the most important is: I have dropped the usage of my middle name Kelly and went back to Jackie. It just feels more natural to me. My social media handlers went from @hellokellybrito to @jackieayrnyc . There IS a whole brand strategy behind this change and I will talk about it soon.



Between Lenses: Silence


It’s been a while since Tara and Trina started the Between Lenses series. I’ve been meaning to join them since they first started, but I didn’t have the chance yet. So when I saw their posts popping on my feed today, I just told myself: “just do it!”

Silence is a very hard thing to capture. It can turn out to be very literal or not transmit a silence meaning at all. And although I don’t think these images here translate silence as well as Trina and Tara’s images, they’ll do for this time.


I specially like this candles in the dark photo. Like a path of lights that disappear into darkness…  I took this photo when shooting a wedding reception in NYC, so there was no silence at all around. But this was a calm corner and as close to silence as you can get in a wedding.


Photography Branding: NYC Storyographer


storyographer businesscard

It’s been a crazy few days. Weeks. Months. Still, the days have been beautiful! I always enjoyed the transition of seasons… The mix of warm x chilly days feels so good. I’m already planning my Halloween costume and picnics at the Central Park.

I’m working on the NYC Storyographer brand now. It’s my new photography business. I’ve been away from photography (professionally) for a while and I miss it. Although I enjoy the more secure stability of design and branding company, I need to go out more. I’ve been stuck indoors too often and need an excuse to go out, see new places, meet new people. Photography is just perfect for that! And I love it, so why not? (more…)


Hello Again + Fall Giveaway

Hello there! I missed you guys so much! I’m returning from my long, long internet break -finally! And what a better way to return than with a giveaway, right?

I had a fantastic Summer and hope you had a wonderful one too. Let’s celebrate the Fall, then? With its beautiful colors, unique mood and a $450 gift card giveaway! Best way to celebrate any season, if you ask me. ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Of course, I thought my new website would be completely finished before the giveaway (well, think again!). So I apologize for the blank pages… Things will be all done by Friday.

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New Work: Mancessini

Stationary Mock

I’m not quite working yet, but during my Summer break a friend approached me and asked me to help with his company branding. A construction company, mind you! I was rehearsing the many ways of declining the job politely… We met and he told me what he had in mind. I thought “Hum, not bad.” and jumped in. Something with the Italian flag colors. Something clean and modern. Something minimalist. Heck, I can sure work with that! And it was refreshing to see a construction company branding that is clean and modern, without too many info all over.

mancessini logo